Oral Hygiene Information During Invisalign Therapy from a General Dentist

Because Invisalign® is removable, wearers are encouraged to keep the actual piece in for 22 hours a day. The only time the aligners should be removed is to eat and for oral hygiene.

Before and After Your Dental Bonding Procedure

The following details what to expect during the dental bonding procedure, how to prepare and what to expect after dental bonding.

3 Things to Know About Sedation Dentistry

Do not let fear of pain keep you from seeing the dentist regularly. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you can feel at ease no matter what procedure you are undergoing.

How Veneers Are Used in Cosmetic Dentsitry

If you are considering dental veneers to enhance your smile, consulting with a general dentist is the first place to start.

How a Good Daily Oral Routine Is Vital for Preventive Dentistry

If you want to find out why good everyday dental hygiene is important for preventive dentistry, here are the details.

Are Composite Dental Fillings Permanent?

Composite resin fillings have emerged as a popular alternative due to better compatibility with the body, their affordability and how easy it is to match their color with the patient’s teeth.

How Does One Get Gum Disease?

Most people know about cavities, but what about gum disease? Both of these issues can affect your oral health, but people often overlook gum problems.

Tips for Root Canal Aftercare

While there is no recovery period after getting a root canal, proper aftercare is crucial to ensure a smooth recovery and prevent complications. Here are some essential tips for root canal aftercare.

Three Common Treatments a Laser Dentist Provides

Laser dentistry may be the ideal choice for people looking for a new approach to dental care. The dentist uses lasers for a number of dental treatments.

Dental Fillings: A Dental Restoration to Treat Cavities

When looking for further information on dental restorations or fillings, it is best to consult directly with a general dentist who can provide specific information.